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Who Is Nathaniel Page?

As a well-seasoned web analytics consultant and growth marketing manager, I’ve had the unique opportunity to work with multiple companies on high-level sales operations, marketing campaigns, and financial reports. Over the years, I’ve helped others measure their impact through comprehensive and dynamic Google Data Studio reports.

Time after time, I realized that many of my clients had trouble connecting to their APIs for reporting. As a result, I co-founded Apipheny, a Google Sheets add-on that will allow you to connect to APIs using JSON or a CSV. This has saved me loads of time with automated data imports.

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I've worked with clients as an analytics consultant, providing exceptional services that are catered specifically to their needs. Take a look below at the services I offer and get in touch to achieve immediate results.

Web Analytics Set-Up

Whether it's Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, or Search Console, you must have the proper set up in order to track the correct data. I can use my skillset as web analytics consultant to set-up, configure, and validate website analytics.

Executing Marketing Campaigns

I will prioritize high-impact growth campaigns to quickly drive revenue and key learnings, then invest in additional campaigns to scale up what works. With my growth marketing strategy, you will be seeing a great ROI in no time.

Google Data Studio Reporting

There's no point in setting up your analytics and running marketing campaigns without measuring results right? As a Google Data Studio consultant, my dashboards will transform your raw data into easy-to-understand reports. It’s a great tool to track KPIs that support business objectives and generate periodic reports.


Nate was very helpful with my Google Data Studio report, even when the job changed a bit. He was available to talk and was willing to learn some new skills that helped the job.

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  • Set-up analytics for most major platforms

  • Turn your website data into compelling stories of charts and graphs

  • Expert growth strategy, training, and leadership from a proven growth marketing leader

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