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The Need For Growth Marketing Managers Explained

There’s this buzzword being thrown around; it’s called “growth hacking.” However, there’s no such thing as hacking when it comes to the growth of a business. It’s just a fancier way of referring to any form of data-driven or data-backed marketing.

In simple terms, data is being used to optimize demand generation for a business. That’s why growth marketing is a more suitable description. Let’s now think of it; why should growth be hacked? 

Every year in the United States, new businesses are started, and businesses calculate how much they will spend on marketing. This amounts to around $300 billion in marketing. As a business, it’s quite easy to disappear in such a crowd of businesses ready to fight for every idle market share. 

Staying relevant in the crowded business environment will require a marketing strategy that creatively acquires customers yet compelling enough to grow organically. What businesses need is a marketing strategy that can build a loyal customer base for the business. That’s where growth marketing comes into the picture. 

What is Growth Marketing?

As a growth marketer, my efforts revolve around determining areas of improvement within your current marketing strategy and making low-cost, high-impact recommendations. I focus more on data marketing rather than relying on creativity alone.

Businesses often do not understand the importance of being able to attract customers who are in it for the long haul. It’s not just enough to attract customers, be sure they are ready to stick around. 

This is the underlying difference between businesses that are failing and those thriving. when looking for a digital marketing consultant, make sure their approach is to go beyond helping businesses attract clients but also identifying those that are likely to be loyal. 

Growth Marketing is being able to create awareness for a product, generating interest for a product or service, then creating enticing messaging to turn that prospect into a customer.

Implementing Growth Marketing is about adding value to the marketing funnel in the bid to attract, engage, and retain customers who become loyal to the brand. 

Why Digital Marketing is Important

Rarely will you find anyone without any online presence; that’s where your target audience is regardless of industry, and you have to deploy digital marketing to boost revenue. I am referring to an efficient, cost-effective, and measurable form of marketing while being able to reach a global (or local) audience. 

  • Digital Marketing gives any business the avenue to attract, interact, and engage with prospects with room to understand what the prospects desire 

  • The internet is a global marketplace, and digital marketing is the only means of taking advantage of the enormous potential

  • Unlike traditional marketing, growth marketing allows you to reach more customers for less. 

  • Through digital marketing, you can get to know your customer base to be able to create brand loyalty. 

  • Digital marketing gives room for tracking and measuring the impact of marketing efforts using tools like Google Data Studio

  • Regardless of the size of your business, there’s a lot digital marketing can do to boost your revenue and grow your client base

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