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Web Analytics Set Up & Maintenance

Regardless of whether you run a small business or a large corporation, there’s a lot web analytics can do to your business. It’s decision-making from data that can increase web traffic and further grow revenue. Web analytics is the reason why some online businesses are growing while others are failing. It’s not enough to have a fancy website when you are in the dark as to what interests your visitors. Making informed and data-backed decisions are only possible using web analytics. 

Why Web Analytics Are Important

Every business has a target audience, and every business decision must be taken with consideration to potential customers. One way to know these target audience is via web analytics

1. Know Who Are Your Visitors
Understanding your visitors is the first step to succeeding as a business. Through web analytics, you can know your visitors by their age, location, interests, device, and browsers. Armed with this information, you are better positioned to provide them with the best user experience. 

2. Know Which Content is Attracting Your Target Audience
Identifying your best performing content will help you know what you are doing right. It’s not enough to carry out keyword research if you are unable to identify your best performing content. Having this information will aid in knowing where it’s best to concentrate your efforts on content marketing.

3. Track Where Visitors Are Converting
At the heart of web analytics is being able to ascertain if your website is converting your visitors or you have to change approach. With web analytics, conversions are easy to measure. This leads to the task of optimizing your website to boost conversion rates. 

What Web Analytics Can Tell You About Your Site

Your effort is not complete until you added some form of tracking to your website in the whether it’s using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, or Facebook Pixel. With this in place, you are availed the following:

1. Where is Your Traffic Coming From
There are different forms of traffic available to you. You’ll know your level of organic traffic from search engines. There’s also the referral traffic from the websites linked to you and direct traffic by those entering your URL directly into the search box.

2. Which Browser, Screen size, and Device is Being Used 

Which device, browser, operating system, and the screen size of the device being used to access your website. This data helps you to optimize user experience for all of this data put into consideration. 

3. What are the Demographics of Your Visitors

Web analytics also provides you with the location where your site is being accessed from. This will be in the form of countries and cities relying on the IP of the accessing device. 

4. Which of Your Pages Has The Most Visit

Don’t conclude that your homepage or landing page is getting quality the visits. With web analytics, you’ll be aware of the pages that attract the most users, and will allow you to concentrate efforts on such pages. 

How Can Web Analytics Help Your Business

We line in a data-driven world. As a business, being able to make good use of this data will not only improve the profitability of a business but also ensure continuity. With the cut-throat competition in every industry, relying on data from web analytics is the only means of survival. Contact me today and I can help you audit, implement, and monitor your website analytics today!


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